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Syntx Receives Another Perfect 5.0 Star Review on Clutch!

Syntx is a refreshing change. We understand business realities and appreciate the value of transparency amidst a complicated and constantly evolving industry. We are a knowledgeable partner when it comes to software development and UI, and we are truly passionate about results from a straightforward process that consistently yields success. Before designing custom solutions for each client, we begin with a discovery phase, suggest a proposal, provide frequent updates through development, and monitor results with big data analytics. Our open and honest communication has made us create trustworthy and profitable relationships with clients, and we are happy to share that our clients have once again recognized our services with a Clutch review.

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One of our clients, Munch Citi, was gracious enough to share their experience working with Syntx on Clutch. We were hired to design an app for a food truck tracking startup that locates street food vendors open at a certain time. Additionally, we designed a logo and provided blueprints that were highly attractive when pitched to local food truck vendors to gain interest in participation.

In the review, we were praised for our responsiveness and willingness to communicate during any hours of the day, in order to get the client what they need. We are appreciated for our focus on clients and the ability to customize services towards each project’s needs. Clutch evaluates companies based on several metrics, including meeting deadlines, quality of service and deliverables, cost value, and likelihood to refer in the future. According to Munch Citi, we are deserving of a perfect 5.0 Star review in all four categories.

We are extraordinarily proud of the services that we provide to clients, but it does not come without hard work and commitment. We take our time to deliver the highest quality deliverables, and it’s an honor to receive such glowing reviews. In the words of Munch Citi’s CEO:

“When it comes to Syntx, their work is amazing, but they’re humble when they talk about it. They just want to focus on the project itself, and they treat million-dollar and thousand-dollar clients the same.”

  • Mario Peralta, CEO, Munch Citi

Not only can you see ratings and reviews for Syntx on Clutch, but its affiliate site, The Manifest, also includes company rankings and identifies top-performing businesses. In a more article-based reviewing format, clients have distinguished Syntx as one of the top 30+ mobile app developers in Los Angeles.

We are very grateful for our positive client feedback which inspires us to continue to deliver the best client experience possible. If you want to get on board with a team with easy communication, seamless UI transition, and transparent management, please let us know!

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