57% of all internet users wouldn’t recommend a brand/website that is poorly designed.

Don't be just average.

01. Planning Ahead

Welcome to syntx, where the website and mobile development goals are seamlessly realized.

Syntx’s website and mobile developers are seasoned experts with years of relevant experience in the industry. They are dedicated and result-oriented people that committed to delivering complete web and mobile solutions at the most competitive prices you can find in the market.

We combine our profound knowledge of the evolving industry trends and business domain expertise to develop top-quality websites and mobile app development solutions to our numerous clients.

02. Newest Technology

Our experts adopt highly progressive techniques and advanced service delivery models to accomplish your web and mobile development project in the best possible manner and within a very short time frame. We staff highly motivated, target-oriented and experienced people in order to keep delivering on our promise of quality service delivery at all time. We never stop learning emerging platforms to improve our chance of success. Our technical knowledge and development approaches simplify the desired outcome.

03. Our Focus

Our focus is on enriching your users’ experience. Therefore, we keep our routes of communication with you open so we can understand your basic requirements in order to develop a website or mobile app that helps enrich your user’s experience. At the same time, we utilize the most effective approach to develop innovative and creative solutions that will help you maximize your profitability.

Knowledge Powerhouse

As a company, having a website is gives your customer a positive impression. It helps customers to make the decision to do business with you, learn about the services you offer, decide what product to buy, who to consult when they want to buy, etc. With our expertise in charismatic design, we create a digital model of your business to help capture new customers and build long-term relationships.

We have over the years gained expertise in developing websites for various clients in different industries. We have designed all kinds of sites; from a simple static website to complex custom websites. Our expertise also cuts across custom framework, content management systems, payment gateways, widgets, plug-ins, API development, and integration, etc.

The Latest Technology

We excel in working with major platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, WooComerce, Magento, Demandware and many more. Furthermore, our staff often creates new solutions on custom platforms and create easy to maintain websites using WordPress. Our talented focuses on the latest trends such as ReactJS, a framework developed by Facebook and used widely. Examples include Airbnb, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft and many more.

E-Commerce Solution

Why do you have to sell 8 hours a day when you can have an e-commerce store that is accessible 24/7 to customers across the globe? Syntx develops custom e-commerce solutions for businesses. We integrate e-commerce solutions with content management systems to enable you to manage your product, details, prices and other related stuff. Our range of payment integration allows you to accept payment from anywhere in the world, so why not key to the e-commerce vibe and let the sales begin?

Mobile Apps

Smartphones and mobile technology are being used widely today and businesses are already taking advantage of these technologies to improve their business operations and reach their customers. Since mobile technology has made it possible to stay connected longer, enterprises are moving beyond the desktop to meet their employee and customer needs.

Whether you’re looking for a complete end-to-end mobile app developer or need to hire a mobile app developer to augment your current team, we will meet your needs.  Syntx designs, develops and delivers mobile applications across all the major platforms such as iOS (iPhone & iPad), BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile.

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