61% of all marketers rate SEO as the most important technique to increase organic inbound traffic.

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01. Advantages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to increase the number of people who visit your website by making sure it ranks well for specific keywords in the search engine result pages (SERPs). There are several ways to rank your site high in the SERPs, and these include both onsite and offsite SEO strategies.

02. Hiring the right team

When it comes to hiring SEO consultant that delivers SEO services and helps organizations achieve SEO goals, Syntx is your best option. Our team of SEO professionals has optimized several websites for the search engines.

Typically, our SEO professionals handle onsite SEO, build backlink profiles, review analytics, recommend content marketing strategies and track results. Our SEO team will also provide you with detailed reports that show you how effective our optimization efforts are.

03. Why us

We have a proven record of helping our clients achieve their online visibility goals. We have over the years, carefully refined our process of optimization sites for search engine results in order to provide outstanding service to our clients.

Let’s leverage our experience to help you improve your brand awareness online and see how your clients’ engagement improves. Do you want to skyrocket your sales? Hiring our SEO service is the best way to do it.

On-Site Optimization

The simple truth is; you will hardly find an SEO consultant that offers the same level of code optimization as Syntx. Making website ranks is our specialties, you should be assured that your website is in good hands.

We start by fixing anything that is broken to ensure nothing is technically wrong with your website. Then we will optimize your page titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. Our SEO experts will thoroughly analyze your website to ensure search engines can index your content, all links are being followed, no pages are blocked and everything required to make sure your website is in top-condition for search engine indexing. We will implement advanced strategies such as sitemaps, robot.txt, images, videos, etc. Overall, we will make sure your website abides by Google’s Quality Guidelines.

On-Site Content

At Syntx, our content strategies put us ahead of other SEO companies. Our content management team ensures every piece of content we deliver is the highest quality. Search engine optimized content is a critical part of optimizing your website; we will implement the keywords assigned to each page to create page copy. This process will signal to search engines to rank you for those keywords.
In addition, we will make sure that all on-page titles and headings are optimized. Furthermore, we will ensure that all content deemed high-quality by search engines. Worry not, our content optimization strategy is proven to work.

Internal Links Optimization

Creating an SEO friendly internal linking structure can be tough if your strategy is fragmented. Our experts have worked with different clients with hundreds of pages and can guarantee that your internal linking structure will be architecturally correct. Similarly, we can help small websites to create new pages, optimize the pages and build internal linking development strategy.
The internal link optimization involves making sure that each link points to a page with the appropriate keyword in the anchor text. To be honest, there are other expert strategies we implement in onsite internal link optimization that we only reveal to clients, making us one of the best at onsite SEO.

External Linking and Backlinks

Once we have implemented all the above phases, we take our SEO campaign a step further through external linking and advanced SEO strategies. Here, we will do a technical review of your site and then implement external forms of search traffic development. Depending on your marketing campaign goals and the link building strategy our experts create, this phase marks the beginning of significant external link building and advanced SEO implementation.

We have proven competence in these areas. We have helped several clients boost their web rankings through competitive backlink analysis and will be ready to help you too.

Keyword Analysis

The first thing we do is to look into what your competitors are ranking for and analyze the keywords you want to rank for. Our experts collect this data and use specific SEO tools to develop keyword options. The end-product of this process is a list of high-ranking keywords to choose from.

Keyword Assignment

When we are done with keyword analysis, we assign these keywords to the pages on your website. This stage of the strategy is vital as it forms the roadmap for the entire SEO campaign. Since we know the keyword we want each of your website pages to rank for, we then begin on-site optimization.

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