Businesses make an average of $2 income every $1 they spend in PPC.

We'll show you how you can make money with PPC.

01. Target Groups

We will work with you to create multiple target groups, identify their interests and their preferred medium of communication. This will allow you to reach each group the best possible way for the maximum conversion rate.

02. Tap into new crowds

There are so many potential customers out there that are just waiting to get to know your brand and become an established customer. Some are already shopping at your competitor and just need a reason to switch over, and others don’t even know what they are missing. We will help you capture the attention of these potential customers and direct them toward your brand.

03. Autopilot

Once the strategy is in place, it’s time to put it on autopilot. It will allow you to focus on your leads and getting in touch with them rather than wasting time setting up various campaigns. We will take care of smaller tweaks along the road and you will be able to focus on the people.

Review of Historical Data and Define Performance Goals

The first thing we do to guarantee you return on investment is to define your goals, review historical data and create a strategy to help you achieve those goals. By analyzing the conversion rate, cost per click, cost acquisition and revenue, we can guarantee that our PPC management provides the necessary value. That’s not all. We can as well integrate successful conversions back into our optimization to give higher converting campaign moving forward.

Build Keywords & Targeting

Without the appropriate keywords, targeting and retargeting, you’d be wasting thousands of dollars a month. Most times, the first thing we do when taking over a new account is to remove poor ads and keyword. We then build a new one or refine the account to feature the right keywords, targeting and retargeting strategies. Our process and methodology is topnotch, maximizing every bid in your PPC campaign.

Implement Tracking

As pointed out earlier, our managers are Google Analytics, and Google AdWords certified. They possess the ability to implement tracking options – whether basic or advance – for all clients.

Write Creative Ad Copy

Our experts are seasoned copywriters with decades of knowledge. With our data analysis and testing abilities, we will make sure your copy is captivating and converting.

Optimize Landing Pages

As one of the best PPC company around, we put a lot of effort into our landing pages. Sytnx will use our tested and unique conversion rate strategy to get the best conversion rates for your pages. We will help you to come up in the top sections of the Google Search and Display Network. Additionally, we will implement re-targeting campaigns. Either, on your site or off-site to re-capture your customers and to keep them engaged.

Charge Right, Monitor, Report & Refine

Paying for value is critical. We rely on our wealth of experience in the field and advanced software to ensure you are never overpaying. Once we set up your PPC campaign, we will monitor, refine and report our strategy on a daily basis.

We'll show you how you can make money with PPC.