5 Ways On How To Create Free Backlinks – Improve Your SEO

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A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from a website to another. Backlinks are always included in an SEO strategy that is arranged well and you can boost your website’s traffic if you learn how to build a working backlink. As an essential part of SEO strategy, web development, building backlink is a mandatory task for a digital advertising and every store owner who is looking forward to building and maintaining organic traffic to their website over time. it is not always easy to build a backlink and the most important part is figuring out how to build them in a way that is acceptable by search engine standards. Since backlinks will come from other websites, you may have to use tricky ideas to get other website owners to link back to your website.

Below are some free ways you can create working backlinks for your website:

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1. Business and Professional Associations

You might think that you are promoting another business or professional associations when you use them as a backlink to your website. The truth of the matter is that you will enjoy this the most. You will make your business a center of attraction when you collect information about local businesses and create an index for customers to use. Customers will follow the link to your website to use the index and other businesses will find the index too useful to ignore.

You can also offer tools to professional associations to get backlinks. Just think about the tools that your customers might need and put effort into making them available. If you are a member of a business or professional associations or if you frequently participate in seminars, conferences, and tradeshows, you can ask for a link to their website.


2. IFTTT (If This Then This)


This IFTTT is a web application that can connect different web pages or services and communicate with them to complete a predefined task. You can create a new automated process on IFTTT with a couple of mouse clicks while defining when and how your recipe will be triggered and what action will be taken. This can be used to monitor keywords on Twitter and populate the tweets automatically into a spreadsheet. You can reach out from this spreadsheet and link them back to your article.

How to Create IFTTT Recipe:

  • IF THIS = Define a trigger (this can be like “IF a new article has been published on
  • THAN THAT = Define the action (this can be like “THEN share it to my Twitter wall)

Some of the recipes you can create on IFTTT for backlink include

  • Auto update Facebook profile image when you set a new profile image on Twitter and the other way round.
  • Schedule daily auto post of files or images (from a specific URL) to your social media account
  • Forward or text a message to a person B when receiving such a message from a person

If you are an existing or a new user of IFTTT, click on public recipes to get some more inspiration on how to use IFTTT for your business. For effective use of IFTTT, and to get an unlimited amount of quality backlink to your website and videos on autopilot, you can use the IFTTT Backlink Commando.


3. SEMRush


SEMrush is a powerful SEO tool, which you can use to create a backlink along with other SEO activities. With SEMrush’s backlink checker, you can check backlinks’ types, conduct a deep link analysis, understand referring domains’ authority and spot your links’ geolocation. You can find new link building opportunities with the “SEO Idea” feature apart from using the backlink analysis feature of SEMrush. You can analyze each page on your website using SEO ideas. You can also view instant actionable SEO tips to optimize the sites you want to target your backlinks to rank higher in SERPs.


4. Reddit, Quora, Medium


Reddit is a website that can send you a massive traffic if you do it right. To get your link here, you need to create subreddit and post your website link along with some relevant text in the right column. You can also get thousands of traffic when you comment with your links on other subreddits but this has to be done with care. Make sure you read and engage with the community before posting any links.

Quora is a huge site where people ask and answer questions. You can add your link to your profile and when answering questions. You can meet with your audience on Quora and know what problems they are facing. Provide answers to peoples’ questions and create an impact in the community, you will become an expert soon and this will attract traffic to your website.

Medium is a great site where people visit to read great contents. This site has a lot of traffic. You can post an extract of your article on this site with a link back to your site to read the whole article. You can put the link to your website on your profile too.


5. Good Old Google Research

google-logoBacklinks expire but it took them some time before they expire. Since you know this, you can repeat your old worked Google backlink now. They do work. Google used to update their PR every 3-4 months but they are yet to update their PR for the past 6 months! Now, I think Social Media and Authorship will end up pushing back PR but it will never die totally. There is a lot of Google old research that still works including creating quality and unique content, creating a brand, answering comments and not focusing on SEO always but also on readers among several others.

Above all, link building is an important aspect of SEO. The best is to make sure that you give equal importance to other factors including technical SEO and on-page SEO. You can also make use of the above free backlink methods for getting a higher traffic to your website.


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