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The Power of React Native

A lot of times we get the question around performance when it comes to React Native. Other agencies (less familiar with React Native) tell potential clients that the performance is sub-optimal and can’t keep up with native mobile apps.

While this might be true for actual games that require a lot of native improvements, this is not true for pretty much every other app.

A really good example is the Discord App. It’s fully built-in React Native and by knowing the technology well enough they have accomplishes what everybody wants. A high-performance app that you wouldn’t be able to distinguish from a natively built mobile application.

It supports our argument that as long as you know React Native well you can accomplish just about everything while still saving money and time. The hybrid technology is something we bet big on and we’ve seen lots of success throughout all of our projects. We don’t say that there no challenges but there also a lot of upsides when leveraging React Native that allows for faster development than doing it natively (even when it comes to simple things such as setting up a list).

See for yourself as some of the community members keep bragging about it.

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