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Key Advantages of Using a Digital Agency to Manage Google Ads

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Is your business showing up on Google for all of the search terms your business needs to generate income?  Are you getting the most out of your ad campaign performance-wise?  Do you know how to bid to maximize ROI and get the most out of your budget? What about keyword research; do you have winning long-tail keywords that provide even more conversions for cheaper?

Hiring a digital agency could be the best decision you have ever made.  Having an agency manage your advertising campaign will give you a steady stream of leads and will take the burden off yourself to manage the ads effectively.  One of the hardest aspects of digital advertising is the daily grind to set your bids and outbid your competitors correctly.  If not done properly you can be leaving a ton of money on the table which could be used better for delivering leads to your business.


Scaling Up 

A common method for businesses is to manage their ads internally until they get to a point where they cannot manage the ads anymore, or it just becomes far too cumbersome to spend the time required to manage the ads effectively.  Some businesses will use an agency from the get-go which can help save them time & money in the long run as they won’t have to rebuild any campaigns completely and will often have a stable campaign from the start.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it will allow a business to scale up their budget as their sales grow.  If you start with a small budget of $1000 a month and then go ahead to earn $5000 with your advertising efforts, the next month you may be able to go up to $2000 and potentially double your earnings.

Sometimes there can be friction in that you will be so tied into your business that you will have problems giving over control of your budget to an agency or not fully trust the agency to manage your ads effectively.  It is important to be completely transparent when dealing with your agency as they will know what the best options are for you and steer you in the right direction.


Reporting & Analytics

When dealing with your advertising it is imperative that you keep meticulous records and reporting of your data in order to optimize for future campaigns.  Knowing what keywords are turning into customers is paramount to your business’s online marketing success.  When you hand over your advertising budgets to an agency, having that detailed analytics will come in handy and allow the agency to optimize your account from the ground floor and will inevitable provide better results for you.

If there are no analytics in place you will have a hard time testing your ad copy effectively.  You need to keep track of your clicks and conversions in order to pinpoint winners and losers for your marketing efforts.  If you have an agency manage your ad spend you will undoubtedly have full tracking of your analytics and often times the agency can go above conversion tracking and include call tracking with keyword level analytics.

This means that you will be able to see what calls turn into leads and inevitably sales.  This all leads to an improved bottom line from your digital marketing campaigns and will lead to more profits and ROI for your business.


Google Partners & Facebook Marketing Partners 

Another added benefit of working with an agency will be that they are certified and trained to use the various ad platforms (Google Ads & Facebook Ads) professionally.  The analysts that will be working on your campaigns are experts in their given field of work and will provide a much better result overall.

Having an expert working on your keyword research, for example, can be extremely beneficial as it will allow you to find new keywords for targeting that you normally would never have thought of.  The certified analysts know how to get results and they will often have automated platforms and scripts to manipulate bid algorithms in order to keep your campaign relevant and aggressively holding the top tier keywords for you.

Not only will you have access to bid algorithms, but you will have the added bonus of having a marketing professional be at the helm of your ad copy.  The agency will be able to provide a constant stream of ad copy updates and will often split test these ad copies in order to find the most relevant ones that are performing the best.  This allows you to get the best opportunities for your brand, provide a much higher click through rate for your ads, and overall increase your ROI.


Organic Visitors & SEO

Another area your business may need help is with SEO or search engine optimization.  SEO is the process of boosting your organic rankings in Google search results which in turn gets you more visits to your website and hopefully overall more conversions.  An SEO analyst is often a role that a digital agency will have a dedicated specialist for in order to help you get the best results possible.

An SEO specialist at the agency will be handy because they will know what you need to do to improve your rankings, will know what keywords to target to improve conversions, and will get your rankings moving in the right direction.  The best way to get your SEO moving the needle will also come down to the right backlinks pointing to your site.  The agency will usually have a list of PR sources they can reach out to for link acquisition and this makes them extremely valuable for you.

The agency will also provide an added service of rank tracking and competitive analysis so you can find out what is working for you as well as what is working for your competitors in order to leverage their success for your own.

Overall hiring a digital marketing agency will allow you to streamline your operations and spend more time managing your business and making more money.  By handing off the reigns to an agency you will be free to grow your business and take a step back and see things differently.  Wearing one less hat can give you the freedom to work on things you are passionate about and that is what really matters at the end of the day.


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