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About Us

Good is the enemy of great.

Jp Wallhorn, Syntx Founder

Syntx is an award winning boutique agency with the goal to disrupt the consulting market. We want to build a better web, show other business owners how they can optimize their business and explode their sales. Our unique and dedicated approach is to first and for most understand your business needs and goals. There after we design the right technology to suit your business growth and success. We offer an industry unique performance guarantee and make your and our success the foundation of a long-term partnership.

Why Syntx?

We do one thing and we do it right. While we offer web, mobile, backend and Salesforce development we focus purely on one technology. Specifically with React, which is the hottest framework on the market, it requires a lot of research & knowledge to truly take advantage of it.

Our Philosophy.

We truly believe that nobody should be stuck in a situation in which either party is unhappy with the results or process. We offer a risk free development process by offering our happiness guarantee.

How we work.

Communication is key for every successful project. Therefore, we take our time to get to know our customers, their goals and wishes

Easy Communication

You will be able to directly talk to our engineers, clarify questions, provide feedback and pair up.

Seamless UI Transition

Existing designs can be exported and we automatically generate stylesheets, measurements and extract assets.

Transparent Management

We make project management easy, accessible, transparent and organized. Don’t get lost in endless spreadsheets anymore.

Meet our Team

Digital Pioneers

JP Wallhorn
- Founder & CEO
John Tzanidakis
- Head of Mobile Engineering
Cassidy Wallhorn
- Head of Business Development
JR Bezuidenhout
- Head of User Design & Experience
Bryn Bennett
- FullStack Engineer