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Dedicated to building the best products.

Syntx’s work met all expectations and accomplished project objectives. With an involved and accessible leadership team, Syntx is mindful of schedules and technical specifications. Future clients can expect a straightforward approach, leading to a hassle-free engagement.

– CEO @ Body by Bartl

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Easy Communication

Get direct access to our engineers, clarify questions, provide feedback and pair up.

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Seamless UI Transition

Existing designs can be exported and automatically generate stylesheets, measurements and extract assets.

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Transparent Management

Easy, accessible, transparent and organized project management. Don’t get lost in endless spreadsheets anymore.

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Source Control

Get control of our source code and project. Understand what is when changing and what exactly changed at any given time.

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Automated QA

Automated Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Be ensured that your project is above industry standard, follows best practices and don’t create a security risk.

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Secure and Fast 24/7

We partner up with Google for high-quality hosting. Even compliance requirements such as HIPAA are easily achievable.

Step 1
Requirements Gathering
We take our time to understand each business process.
Step 2
Creating a detailed and accurate proposal so there are no surprises.
Step 3
Designing and implementing an architecture for scale and reliability.
Step 4
Agile development process with weekly update calls and access to our developers.
Step 5
Internal Quality Assurance and transparent User Acceptance Testing.
Step 6
Launching the product successfully, confidently and with no surprises.
Step 7
Support, Maintenance and Future Enhancements

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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